Joseki is a sequence of moves in the corner that are giving an equal or near-equal result of the local position.

There are some combinations you have to study in order to play properly and evenly in the corner.

The most famous combinations are

  • 4-4
  • 3-4
  • 3-5

Joseki is born, not made.

A sequence only becomes Joseki when it is played in real games, is subordinated to the opposition and is able to endure all criticism.

Reasons why you should study Joseki

There are several main reasons for studying Joseki.

Keep in mind that by studying I DON’T mean to just memorize the moves and that’s it – you’re an expert.

Instead, you have to analyze the meaning of each move and play different variations to understand why are those moves good

Helps you to avoid making mistakes

One of the most important reasons to study Joseki is to understand where to place stones.

Knowledge is power and Go is no exception.

Many beginner players don’t spend time even on basic Joseki. That’s why one makes a mistake and some crazy fights occur at the beginning of the game that kills the game value and interest.

So if you want to reduce the number of mistakes you’ll make in a game, study Joseki.

You recognize patterns

Pattern recognition is a crucial aspect of the game. It’s directly connected to experience and knowledge.

As you know, Joseki is born when people play the sequence of moves multiple times and experts agree that those combinations are perfect for that situation.

When you recognize the pattern you already know the outcome of that sequence and the only thing left is to evaluate that local result to the global one.

Saving your time

learning Joseki is a shortcut to playing the best local moves.

When you study Joeki you don’t have to re-evaluate the local position after each move because you’re certain that someone has already done it for you and other Go players.

This saves you time that can be extremely useful later in the game.

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