Fuseki is a term used in Go that refers to a combination of opening moves.

The opening establishes a game’s basic structure, and the individual nature of that game appears as a fundamental factor at that point, truly presenting the flowing nature of its moves.

These are the Fuseki opening combinations you should study in order to get better:

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The primary forms of the opening patterns have been classified, and games that can be considered typical have been picked and analyzed.

Reasons why you should study Fuseki (Openings)

There are several main reasons to study Go openings AKA Fuseki.

By studying, I don’t want you to just memorize the moves; instead, you should understand the value of each move you play.

Generate Full-board perception

Go is not an easy game to understand. In order to play well, you have to think globally and act locally.

Amateur players are often advised that the way to improve at Go is to generate full-board perception. They are criticized for focusing too much on local positions.

Helps you understand the value of each move

In the game of Go, black starts first and therefore white get compensation (komi) for the first move advantage.

This means that both players must conceptualize the value of each move they play and try to place a stone in the best place.

Understanding Fuseki will really help you to play relevant moves at the beginning of the game and avoid making mistakes.

Develop a sense of the direction of play

The direction of play is crucial if you want to become a strong player.

By studying Fuseki, you get to know which sides are better to develop or what is the best part to play on the board.

As you know stones have power, but that power acts in a certain direction. So having a sense of direction (especially in the opening phase) will certainly make you a great player.

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